Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • What are the requirements to join Auction?

    To become a member, you must provide a valid contact number and an email address

  • How do I place a bid?

    After completing all required formalities of participation, Your User ID will be activated for the bidding. Then you can see the current bid amount and you can place your bid by increasing the minimum increment amount.

  • What are the requirements of participate in an Auction?

    1. Participants must be done KYC compliance.
    2. EMD must be paid as per stipulated time-bound.
    3. e-Auction Participation Form (Terms and Conditions) has been submitted with duly signed.
    4. Auction Participation Fee

  • How many times and how long Am I able to bid for material?

    You can bid multiple times until you are not the highest bidder.
    Each auction has a “Time Left” indicator at the top of the auction box. This will inform you how long time remains to place your bid.

  • Can I cancel my bid?

    No, When You are placing Bid there is a ‘BID’ button and then the ‘RECONFIRM’ button Once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled or reduced in any way. Make sure that you are confident in your bid before you place it. If you end up winning the bid that you placed by accident, you will be responsible for the auctioned material and completing the sale.